Recordare Dolet 5 for Finale

Recordare has released version 5 of Dolet for Finale, a plug-in for the Finale music notation program.

Recordare’s Dolet plug-ins serve as “universal translators” between music notation applications. The Dolet 5 for Finale plug-in reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 and Open Score Format 1.0 files for high-fidelity translations between music notation programs.

Dolet 5 for Finale adds support for Finale 2010, including Finale 2010’s new percussion and chord features. It moves beyond the MusicXML support provided with Finale 2010 by including support for the Broadway Copyist font family. Dolet 5 for Finale also improves import from Sibelius 6 files, adding support for importing new features such as feathered beaming, jazz articulations, and German chord symbols.

More than 30 new-and-improved features have been added in version 5 compared to the previous version 4.8. Advanced MusicXML 2.0 features such as part-name accidentals and per-part measure numbering are now supported. Other improvements include better import of cutaway staves and nested tuplets.

Changes in Dolet 5 for Finale

  • Finale 2010 support added
    • Finale 2010 percussion maps.
    • Finale 2010 chord symbols.
    • Export of Finale 2010 auto-sequenced rehearsal marks.
    • PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP graphics formats.
    • Broadway Copyist font family.
  • Improved import of MusicXML files exported from Sibelius with the Dolet 5 for Sibelius plug-in
    • Improved import of optimized systems that use default staff spacing.
    • Import of text in glissando lines.
    • Improved import of jazz articulations.
    • Improved import of arpeggios.
    • Import of feathered beams.
    • Import of German and Scandinavian chord styles.
    • Credits on blank pages, with an approximate location based on the center of the page.
    • Import and export of more notehead styles, including arrow up, arrow down, slashed, back slashed, and shape notes.
  • Improved support for MusicXML 2.0 and Open Score Format
    • Per-system, per-measure, or no measure numbers displaying per part, using MusicXML 2.0’s measure-numbering element.
    • Accidentals in part and group names and abbreviations, using MusicXML 2.0’s name-display elements.
    • Open Score Format support is updated to Version 1.0. For more information on Open Score Format, see
  • Other new features
    • Specifying both a named and generic (engraved vs. handwritten) default music font.
    • Improved export and import of trills and glissandos.
    • Improved import of:
      • Stems in percussion staves.
      • Transposed instruments without key signatures.
      • Cutaway staves.
      • A4 and other metric page sizes.
      • Nested tuplets.
      • Unknown fonts as text fonts for lyrics and words.
      • Percussion clefs in documents using the Jazz font.
      • Major seventh and half diminished chords in documents using the JazzCord font.
    • Improved export of:
      • Non-printing key signatures.
      • Endings over empty measures.
      • Total pages text insert.
      • Number of instruments per part.
    • Support for the Kousaku Percussion font.
    • Non-TIFF graphics now import into Finale 2009 as well as Finale 2010.
    • On Mac, the export dialog changes the file suffix on .mus files when the MusicXML format changes.

Dolet 5 for Finale supports Finale 2000 and later on Windows, Finale 2007, and later on Intel Macs, and Finale 2004 and later on Power PC Macs. It is available for purchase for $199.95 USD. Upgrades from Dolet 4 for Finale are available for $129.95 USD.

More information: Recordare