Sonic Bloom has announced the release of a new Max for Live device by Max for Cats. Color Digital by Christian Kleine is a sibling for Color.

The Max for Live sound texture audio effect brings the sound and feel of digital media such as an old Winamp MP3 player or 8-bit Casio sampler to your recordings.

It works great on all kinds of individual sound sources, but also on full mixes of every musical style to create digital artefacts of MP3 encoding, downsampling, bit reduction and digital data transfer.

Color Digital requires Live 10 or higher and Max for Live 8. It is priced 20 EUR.

Furthermore, Sonic Bloom’s Max for Live video series is back with a 4-part mini series that takes a look at two new free Max for Live Packs by Ableton for Live 11.

The first two videos are out, in which Madeleine shows and explains four of the six devices included in the “Inspired by Nature” device by Dillon Bastan.

More information: Sonic Bloom