Red Earth Audio has released version 1.1 of Rifflab, a probability based step sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor, capable of generating and playing up to 3 scale locked sequences simultaneously.

Red Earth Audio Rifflab
Red Earth Audio Rifflab 1

Each sequence is generated in accordance with the probability parameters set by the user. The Probability sliders allow control of Pitch, Velocity, Note Length, Step Length, Progression, and up to 7 Modulation lines for each generated sequence.

It is capable of producing basslines, leads, melodies, chords and arpeggios with unlimited possibilities.

Changes in Rifflab v1.1

  • Added Swing – flexible swing system for all note lengths, with 50% to 99% timing.
  • Added fine tuning of values for velocity, note length and mods via right click on ‘Results’ Sliders.
  • Added Humanize slider for velocity.
  • Added note length options of 1/3 and 2/3.
  • Added Start/Stop sequence triggers.
  • Added Reaktor 6 block friendly outputs.
  • Changed most buttons/knobs now MIDI assignable including start/stop and Generate.
  • Changed Program Change functionality – now uses Results page slider values for per step changes. (Use Mod value to adjust timing for instruments that can be slow to change programs).
  • Changed Mod panels now use separate button to trigger on/off state (MIDI assignable).
  • Fixed possibility of sliders disabling after generation using random steps.
  • Fixed Pitchbend now returns to correct pitch if not in use.
  • Fixed mouse dragging inconsistencies.

Rifflab is available for purchase for $9 USD. A free Lite version with limited features is available for download. Requires Reaktor v5.9.2+ full version.

More information: Red Earth Audio