Red Panda has announced version 2 of its reverb pedal inspired by 1980s rack mount reverbs. Context features 8 algorithms, including room, hall, cathedral, gated reverb, reverse reverb, plate, spring, and a granular reverb.

Red Panda Context 2

Version 2 adds stereo input/output, USB MIDI, fully assignable expression pedal, 3 new modes, delay plus reverb in all modes, separate high and low frequency damping controls, modulation, dynamic reverb, and infinite hold.

The Context was originally released in 2012. Back then, I was drilling enclosures in my garage, powder coating and laser etching the graphics at a makerspace, and hand soldering the boards in a spare bedroom. The next year, I rented a 220 sq ft workshop in Detroit and Red Panda became a team effort. We stayed in that little workshop until it was so cramped that we had to warn each other before pushing back our chairs.

We moved to a 500 sq ft (46 m2) workshop next door, where we have been printing, building, and testing our pedals for the last five years. It slowly became so full of boxes that we hardly noticed until we could barely move our elbows. The Context 2 will be the first product built at our new, larger office and shop space. We appreciate your support over the years and are constantly amazed at the sounds you create with our pedals.

The street price for Context V2 is $299 USD with an expected shipping date date of April 24th, 2020.

More information: Red Panda