Red Room Audio has launched a sale on the Palette Melodics, offering 40% off on the instrument library featuring 18 inspiring melody-carrying orchestrated combos and soloists.

18 of the most dramatic and powerful orchestrated combos and soloists, as selected from the works of our favorite film and classical composers.

Each combo was recorded performing together (NOT artificially scripted). Up to 9 essential articulations per instrument including true legato. Over 29 GB and 97,000+ samples!

Palette Melodics features

  • 18 inspiring melody-carrying orchestral combos and soloists.
  • Each combo recorded together in standard orchestral seating position.
  • Up to 12 essential articulations including True Legato.
  • Recorded in a fairly dry hall by some of Europe’s finest professional musicians.
  • 4 microphone positions for combos / 3 for soloists.
  • 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robin.
  • Modern, easy to use GUI with articulation control system and onboard FX rack.
  • 29.2 GB of content / 97,058 samples (24 bit/44.1 kHz NCW).

The Kontakt Player and NKS compatible library is on sale for only $119 USD until June 28th, 2019 (regular $199 USD).

More information: Red Room Audio