Redmatica has announced version 2.1 of the Compendium Pro Bundle, the 64bit version of its next generation creative sampling suite.

“Revolutionary Evolution was the concept behind the entire development of the Compendium Pro Bundle 2.1,” said Andrea Gozzi, Founder and Technical Director of Redmatica. “We didn’t just want to introduce a killer set of new features, but also offer new ways to use already existing technologies and make full use of the hardware available in modern computers. We are tremendously excited about going to 64bit, as it allows our applications to make full use of modern computer hardware, and brings what was already a world class set of creative sampling applications to another level.”

Compendium Pro Bundle 2.1 features

  • Keymap Pro 2.1, the direct 64bit evolution of the acclaimed Keymap 1.5 sampled instruments editor, and extends its file support to all the major instrument formats on the market, including Apple EXS24, Native Instrument Kontakt, Digidesign Structure and Propellerheads Reason NNXT. Keymap Pro 2.1 incorporates a massive amount of innovative and never seen before features, including multiple playback personalities to match each corresponding instrument format, integrated direct multichannel recording (sampling) also from networked computers with autostart/stop/cut/map/loop, new DSP tools for looping the unloopable, new resynthesis algorithms for non-harmonic samples and loops, integrated AutoSampling features with AutoSampling Live mode for effortless interactive recording from sound sources, SoundDesign layers for using AudioUnit plugins as synthesis blocks in the playback chain, massively multimode envelopes, dimensional panning, continuous background rendering, and a stunning Core Animation based visual interface. Version 2.1 adds virtually unlimited 64bit memory space support, support for 64bit AudioUnit plugins, faster overall performance, and new remapping features, including the ability to build conversion maps and perform drum remapping from one layout to another with a single click.
  • AutoSampler 2.1 takes the original tool for automatically sampling hardware and software synths to 64 bit by presenting a new user interface and extending instrument creation format support to Redmatica Keymap, Apple EXS24, Native Instrument Kontakt, Digidesign Structure and Propellerheads Reason NNXT. It also offers a built-in mapping editor to build custom templates, a simplified view mode, autolooping algorithms taken directly from Keymap Pro 2.1, multichannel autosampling of up to 8 channels from local audio devices or networked computers, Key Switch autosampling, Round Robin autosampling, and much faster operations. Version 2.1 also adds new features as automatic release time setting in created instruments.
  • ProManager 3.1 is the completely redesigned next generation 64bit version of the popular ExsManager 2 sampled library manager application. It now handles Redmatica Keymap, Apple EXS24, Native Instrument Kontakt, Digidesign Structure and Propellerheads Reason NNXT instrument formats simultaneously. The intuitive goal-based interface makes it easy to relink instruments to samples for quick loading, manage duplicate and unused files, or to completely reorganize the sample libraries. ProManager also offers browsing capabilities for both instruments and samples, an integrated streaming sample viewer, metadata tagging, and search and synchronization over the network. The new 64 bit support allows management of sample libraries of virtually unlimited size.

The Compendium Pro Bundle 2.1 for Mac will be available in February 2010 with price set to $489.95 USD/ 379.95 EUR, and as a free update for current Compendium Pro Bundle 2.0 users.

Visit Redmatica for more information.