Refined Audiometrics Laboratory CLAS plug-in

Refined Audiometrics Laboratory has released CLAS (Compressive Loudness Audio Shaping), a tool that provides both progressive phase compensation for bass frequencies, and psychoacoustic bass and/or treble enhancement.

The effect is similar to BBE treatment, but without being “in your face!”. Psychoacoustic compression is similar to many classic compression curves, producing the most boost at low sound levels, and progressively tapering off to no-boost at extreme loud levels. This is more pleasing to listen to than typical linear compression, and accounts for the appeal of many classic analog compressors. The effect, in CLAS, is much like dynamic Loudness Contouring.

CLAS works best on Stereo channels, but it is also capable of running on Mono tracks. The left and right channel compressors are tied together in order to retain stereo field balance.

The progressive bass group delay acts almost independently of the bass and treble enhancement. Bass and treble enhancement are separately applied. The enhancement levels are nonlinear functions of the actual dB boost provided internally, so they are mapped to the faders so that you get the boost you ask for.

You can get a copy of CLAS by sending an email to

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