ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on Reflections by Recluse-Audio, a simple reverb/delay effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The plugin was designed to process vocals. It works exceptionally well when ‘ducked’ under the dry signal.

Simple, Easy, Sturdy, and low cost in processing power. Reflections is a powerhouse reverb/delay plugin that is designed to create swirling tails of hybrid digital signal processing.

Consisting of a delay and a reverb module, Reflections allows the user to send audio between these modules. This creates a feedback loop between the delay and reverb which can enable ‘no-input’ mixing.

Reflections features a tempo synchronized delay mode, “Freeze” reverb functionality, and an adjustable stereo width.

Regularly $20 USD, the plugin is on sale for $10 USD until October 15th, 2021. It is available in VST3 and AU formats.

More information: Recluse-Audio