reFuse Software has announced the release of its new Bucketverb, a reverb effect plugin modeled after the Panasonic MN3011 BBD chip.

reFuse Bucketverb

The successor to Cheeseverb adds new features to the core BBD sound, including an LFO and a new Stereo Mode switch.

Bucketverb imagines an alternate history in which a rare bucket brigade delay (BBD) chip evolved into a sophisticated hardware unit perfect for ambience, lo-fi detuned decay, vocal presence, and more.

Unlike standard, single-output BBD delays, analog reverbs used a special multi-tap BBD chip to create multiple simultaneous delay times. Sadly, this effect only showed up in a handful of products, before being swept out of popularity by the rise of digital reverbs.

Bucketverb features

  • Analog modeled bucket brigade (BBD) reverb.
  • Variable stereo width, even for mono sources.
  • Dark ambience from a lost era of technology.

Bucketverb is available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, priced $49 USD. Cheeseverb owners can get Bucketverb from their user account at the reFuse website.

More information: reFuse Software