Vengeance Effects Vol 3

reFX has announced the new Vengeance samplepack Effects Vol. 3, a collection of sound fx.

The trilogy is complete! Vengeance Effects Vol.3 brings 750 samples of concentrated FX power that will bring your production to the next level.

Just like the Vengeance Ultimate Fills series, you will find many extra-long, detailed, and elaborate FX (128bpm, up/down lifter, 1-8 bars) for direct and tempo use. Get ready to explore this extensive library that includes vocal loops, impacts, FX oneshots, vinyl FX, crazy FX loops, sub FX, tonal synth FX, sweeps and tape-stop effects! If you are producing Electro, Trance, Dirty Dutch or Dubstep, with VFX3 you are ready for everything!

The sample pack is currently available to purchase for $80 USD as part of the Christmas Sale (regular $99 USD).

More information: reFX / Vengeance Effects Vol. 3