So I got around reviving some older projects and decided to create a few loops and drop them in a separate pack (since they’re not really very useful perhaps).

Anyway, make sure to check the mp3 previews below to see if there’s anything you like before downloading the pack.

 rekkerd free loops 03 — Download size: 13.62 MB

  • loop 01: Chill beat with some nice bass and electric piano
  • loop 02: Another chill one, just bass and (filtered) piano)
  • loop 03: Bit spooky and weird. I think I originally used this with loud drum & bass beat
  • loop 04: More chill! A sparse beat, little bass line and some soft synth hits
  • loop 05: Funky (as in weird) drum & bass type thingie
  • loop 06: 176bpm! Bit fast maybe!
  • loop 07: Okay, so it’s the same loops as 06, but with some cut up beat and a very well known stab (if you’re into drum & bass you should be able to tell where it’s from!)