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Rekkerd.org Autumn Music Contest – The Results


Autumn is quickly turning into winter here in the Netherlands – we just had the first snow of the season (and the accompanying traffic jams).

While I am writing this post I am listening to the tracks in the Autumn contest group at SoundCloud and I must say, I am impressed with the quality of these tunes. Perhaps having a contest theme was more inspirational than I thought. It seems everyone put in their best, great job guys!

Luckily I did not have to pick a winner this time around. So many quality tunes, each holding their own. This was reflected in the voting, as most of the 32 tracks submitted received a number of votes.

Here are the top three winners:

  1. Passing of the Sun – Jarkko Hietanen (16 votes, score of 51)
  2. Autumn Glades – 3ee (16 votes, score of 47)
  3. Autumnal – Saravan (10 votes, score of 37)

Congrats! Each one of you winners will receive a prize kindly provided by our sponsors u-he, Cinematique Instruments, and The Loop Loft.

The next entries in the top 10 were by Noizefield, _jackie, Rhythm In Mind, Massimo Bosco, GeorgeZ, phdsg vn chfhn, and elektronicguitars.

I hope all of the contestants had a great time, and please do join us again next time. Subscribe to the rekkerd.org newsletter and you won’t miss it.

Thanks for the great music!

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