It’s been a few years since we did the last one, so I figured it is time for another sample remix contest!

If it’s your first time here, for this music production contest you need to create a track using the provided samples only. The theme is “Transportation“. Think places, vehicles, infrastructure… I hope this will inspire you.

The contest pack below includes 57 loops (listen at SoundCloud), but you can also use any of the samples from the rekkerd archive, so there is lots of material to work with.

Remember that you are encouraged to manipulate the samples with whatever tools you like to make something new and fresh. You just can’t use any other sound sources.

 Transportation Sample Remix Pack — Download size: 92.7 MB

We have some great prizes from our generous sponsors:

  • Synapse Audio – EKS Pro kick drum synth & Hydra multi-model synth bundle.
  • Dmitry Sches – Choice of Diversion synth or Tantra multi-fx plug-in.
  • D16 Group – Antresol analog BBD stereo flanger effect plug-in.
  • Resonance Sound – CFA-Sound MonoGrizzly2 synth, choice of a Resonance Sound soundset or MIDI package, and a personal 30% off voucher at
  • Sonic Charge – A plug-in of choice (Echobode, Permut8, Bitspeek, Synplant, or Microtonic).
  • 2CAudio – Bundle of B2 spatial processor plug-in & Kaleidoscope sound-design tool and creative effects toy.
  • Soniccouture – Hammersmith Professional Edition detailed & expressive grand piano for Kontakt.
  • Voxengo – Elephant audio mastering limiter effect plug-in.
  • u-he – Hive synthesizer instrument plug-in made to be fast and simple.
  • Prime Loops – Bundle of all Future Koncept series sound libraries.

Contrary to some of the previous contests at rekkerd, I will be picking the top 7 winners myself this time. Contest winners will get to choose a prize from the pool in order of placement. Everyone has a chance of winning, as the 3 remaining prizes will be given to random entries.

The deadline for submitting your track is August 23rd, 2015, 11.59pm CET.

Please make sure to check the rules below for details on how to enter the contest.
Good luck!

Contest rules

  • You may only use the samples provided in the contest sample pack and the other downloads from the archive (“Other contributors” packs are excluded). No other sound sources are allowed. However, you may process and manipulate sounds any way you want.
  • Upload your entry to SoundCloud and submit it to the contest group before August 23rd, 2015, 11:59pm CET. Please also send your entry in mp3 format (minimum of 192kbit) per email to One entry per person is allowed, you will receive a confirmation of your submission.
  • Your entry should be composed specifically for this contest. By entering, you grant permission for your track to be published at the website, through SoundCloud.
  • Winners choose a prize from the prize pool in order of placement (1st place winner picks first, then 2nd, etc.). All prizes are granted at the discretion of Some prizes may be subject to specific conditions imposed by the sponsor (e.g. NFR licenses).

Contest rules subject to change.