Rekliner Records has updated Loopy Llama to version 0.91.

Rekliner Records Loopy Llama

It’s a looper… Made to emulate the Jam Man or DL-4 – but also generate a click track so it could be used with a drummer live. It is designed to work with Plogue Bidule for live performance, but it can be used as a regular VST plugin as well.

New in v0.91

  • 1st loop sets beats
  • Quantizes the loop to the closest beats you pressed the button to when not in endpoints mode
  • File save and load
  • Metronome outputs audio, not just a midi click
  • keeps recording after 2nd hit unless you hit play in place of record
  • Beat offset setting for transport lock mode
  • Much more CPU friendly
  • No longer resets when bpm or beats change
  • Buttons that don’t apply to a certain record mode now disappear for that mode
  • Compatibility for older footpedals has been ditched for simplicity’s sake
  • Several bugfixes
  • New expiration date is September 1st, 2006

Visit Rekliner Records for more information and a link to download Loopy Llama v0.91 in Win VST or Mac format.