reKon audio VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor

reKon audio has released the VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor, a patch editor and librarian for the Roland Alpha JUNO 1 & 2 and HS-10 and HS-80 synthesizers.

The VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor™ is a real-time MIDI synth editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Roland Alpha Juno™ 1 and 2 synthesizers. It is also a full blown librarian tool that allows you to view and manage all the patch and bank data on modern computing platforms and applications, in smart and efficient ways. Now you can utilize your Alpha JUNO to its full potential in new and interesting ways, and build lasting and meaningful patches that will bring new life to your music.

You can manage, view and edit all your patches on the computer itself without the hassle of manual dumps. All parameters are fully automatable using your favorite VST or AU capable DAW host, giving you the ability to visually program the Alpha JUNO to your music in the host sequencer. This ability to model your synth patches in real-time, inside your main music production environment is part of what makes the VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor™ unique when compared to other hardware synth editors. You may also use the standalone application if you do not need to work inside the host or if your DAW host is not supported. Please check the DAW Host Support chart below for details.

The plugin is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit, VST/AU) priced at $69.95 USD.

More information: reKon audio / VST-AU Alpha JUNO Editor