Relab Development has announced the release of LX480 Lite, a reverb effect plug-in which emulates the Random Hall algorithm from the Lexicon 480L.

LX480 LITE consists of the Random Hall and the Random Hall HD from the upcoming LX480 MK2 plugin. Lite is available for purchase right now, and will allow for an upgrade to the MK2 when it becomes available in the near future ($300 upgrade).

The Lexicon 480L is one of the all time most popular reverbs in music. The LX480 is capturing all the magic and nuances of this classic piece of equipment. Currently available for Audio Units and VST, with RTAS to follow in the near future.

LX480 Lite features

  • Faithfull recreation of the Random Hall algorithm from a well known hardware reverb.
  • Modeled input and output stages.
  • Additional exclusive features not found on and functions the original
    • Continuous controls.
    • Flexible Structures and Additional filtering for better sound shaping.
    • More ER delay lines.
    • Stereo manipulation.
  • Improved algorithms with higher density.
  • Quick and customizable display controls.

LX480 Lite is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac for $199 USD.

More information: Relab Development