Renoise version 1.9

Renoise version 1.9.1 has been released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Changes in 1.9.1 Beta 1

  • New feature: freeform waveform drawing in the Sample Editor.
  • Enhanced undo functionality in the Sample Editor.
  • Faster drag ‘n’ drop behavior in the Pattern Editor.
  • Added a “Record dry” switch to the Sample Editor Recording dialog.
  • Added “Clear Muted Tracks/Columns” actions.
  • Faster rescanning in the Disk Browser.
  • Added an info tool for VST / LADSPA effects.
  • Fixed all bugs reported in the Bug Report forum (more details here).

The Linux version additionally includes ALSA support (for Audio and MIDI), JACK Audio support (optional), LADSPA support (native Linux audio plugins) and VST support (for Linux NATIVE VSTs only – See the FAQs).

Visit Renoise for more information.