Replika Sound RSG05 Chorus Guitar

Replika Sound has announced the release of RSG05 Chorus Guitar, a guitar instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The instrument was made by combining two steel string guitars. It is designed to provide a resonant wide stereo sound or a shimmering mono tone.

No synthetic Chorus or Stereo-Width Effects are used; it is all naturally achieved. It comes in both Picked and Finger-played versions.

RSG05 Chorus Guitar features

  • 8,230 Samples.
  • True random-robin note selection (5 for the most used articulations).
  • 11 key-switched articulations: legato (non vibrato), marcato, staccato, hammer on, pull off, slide up into note, slide down after note, fret noises, natural harmonics, sul ponticello (plucked near the bridge), sfx / percussive hits.
  • A “Chord Mode” with strum speed and direction controls.
  • One key triggered chords: 30 bar chord shapes, 26 common open chords, power chords for each note.
  • Stereo width control.
  • “Tremelo Picking Mode” with speed control.
  • Vibrato key to provide a quick way of playing in vibrato on any articulation.
  • Two display windows on the GUI – giving the name and constituent notes of each chord selected.
  • Brightness filters and dynamic envelopes which automatically respond to the velocity of each note played.
  • Page of effects units (eq, compression, delay, convolution reverb).
  • Includes a “Lite” RAM saving version of each instrument (3 random-robins).
  • All main features are fully MIDI automatable.
  • All sounds were recorded with natural sustain and resonance (no loops).

The library is available for purchase for $40 USD. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.

More information: Replika Sound / RSG05 Chorus Guitar