blortblort has announced the release of Resident Resonance, a collection of presets for the H3000 Band Delays by Eventide.

blortblort Resident Resonance

I have been a “delay junkie” for years.
The first time I turned the multiplier knob on the back of my Roland SDE1000 Digital Delay, I was hooked.
Thirty something years later…the first time I demo’d the Eventide H3000 Band Delays, I knew it was a monster.

this set has taken me MUCH longer than expected to produce because it was not until after I had started that I learned of the power that Eventide’s Snapshot set up provides:
Each preset file allows a user to store and access up to 32 different Snapshots that can be automated for use in performance or recording.
This is an amazing feature.
Smooth transitions from vastly different (…or more subtly different…) snapshots can provide motion and life to a melody or rhythmic passage that simply could not be acheived otherwise.

so… my plans to create a bank of presets of around 100…actually turned into a project of creating 1180 snapshots baked into 144 presets!

the ‘Resident Resonance by blortblort’ set is the result of that effort.

Resident Resonance is available for purchase for $15 USD. Use coupon code SPOON to get 25% off for a limited time.

More information: blortblort