Black Octopus Sylenth1 Commercial Electro House

Resonance Sound has introduced Sylenth1 Commercial Electro House and Supernova Summer Nights Vol.1, two sound libraries from Black Octopus Sound.

Sylenth1 Commercial Electro House by Meran features a collection of 65 presets for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Much care and time has been spent on these beautifully crafted patches to ensure that each and every sound has character and a unique use. Sounds range from sub rocking basses, crisp emotional leads, beautiful plucked synth stabs, huge warm pads, and tension building FX risers and falls.

While the sounds are geared towards electro house they will have no problem fitting in with other electronic genres such as dubstep, deep house, or progressive. Most sounds have mod wheel assignment for extra expression. Listen to the demo to get an idea of the quality and caliber or these premium sounds.

The Sylenth1 pack costs 15.92 EUR + VAT.

Supernova – Summer Nights by Ariya Persian is the first installment of many MIDI files in this series.

Black Octopus Supernova Summer Nights

Memorable chord progressions combined with melodic leads and basslines all in MIDI format means you can easily customize, transpose and edit notes to fit into existing songs.

This pack contains 4 full songs each with 5 original sounding variations of the melodies and basslines. Corresponding parts can be used or you can mix and match and tweak the parts to quickly create all new sections and original sounding songs out of the existing MIDI data. Rather than focusing on many small 1 -2 bar loops this pack focuses on longer, well written 8 bar sections perfect for song starters or for fitting into your existing works.

The Supernova pack costs 11.72 EUR + VAT.

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