Resonance Sound has introduced a brand new sound pack for u-he’s Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by Aiyn Zahev Sounds.

Featuring arps, basses, chords, (supersaw) leads, pads, plucks, and more, Diva Digital features a collection of 300 presets entirely built around Diva’s digital oscillator model, a recreation of a legendary hardware synth used extensively in trance and all kinds of electronic music from the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Firstly we went about to recreating the most authentic and classic trance sounds from this era, so the most iconic supersaw sounds are a given. But it wasn’t all supersaws back then, and it’s not all supersaws here either. The sounds in this bank cover deep basses, ripping acid, FM/Cross-mod, pure saw based & pulse width modulation sounds and a choice hefty selection of lush plucks & pads.

Diva’s sublime modeled filters contribute their own analog characteristics and stereo stacking (unison) and classy FX allow for depth and richness characteristic of modern synth sounds, making this bank an authentic yet modern collection of sounds that will suit any EDM or ambient music artist.

The sound pack is available to purchase for 34.95 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound