CFA-Sound Divorce

Resonance Sound has announced a limited time sale for the Divorce virtual e-piano instrument by CFA-Sound.

How many piano libraries are out there? Right, tons of! So what’s the deal with the CFA-Sound Divorce? You don’t get similar sounding (e)-pianos, you get a whole lot more.

Modern, fancy, extraordinary, neverheard or hard-to-achieve keys, suitable for various styles from Jazz to Electronica – all at your fingertips. Divorce – the dirty side of the e-pianos, with a special dirty and nasty touch.

Divorce 1.1 features

    Divorce features:

  • Sampleplayer for PC (VST) & Mac (AU/VST).
  • Contains 25 unique e-pianos.
  • All e-pianos also included in NKI format.
  • 32 bit precision, high quality interpolation.
  • DFD (direct-from-disk-streaming).
  • 32 voices.
  • Built-in reverb.
  • 1.99 GB content.

Divorce 1.1 is available to purchase for 20 EUR (50% off) until November 15th, 2011. A purchase will also include a major upgrade coupon for Divorce 2.0, which is soon to be released.

More information: Resonance-Sound