Resonance Sound has announced the release of the Shhh I Am Speaking Bundle by Sounds Of Revolution, a collection of 3 sample packs at a 40% discount.

This vocal collection is your secret key to turning almost any music track into something magical. Enchant your track with a whispering voice, atmospheric, haunting syllables or just a scream before your melody explodes on the dance floor. The same wonderful professional British voice-over artist is deliberately included in all 3 parts. The same conditions of admission have also been retained, giving the music producer maximum artistic freedom.

The bundle contains over 2259 vocal samples: individual words, phrases or even variable sentences/group phrases. Each word/phrase was spoken in up to 4 different variations and leaves all creativity to the producer. Why not create something completely new? Fancy crazy dialogues, large crowds or whispering voices from everywhere? Only your imagination is the limit. Ever thought about time-stretching, pitching or crazy effect mangling perfectly suited dry samples? Well, go give it a try!

The bundle is available for purchase for 53.95 EUR (regular value 89.85 EUR).

More information: Resonance Sound