Resonance has launched the second installment of its “Melodic Elements” series, following the previously released Moog Matriarch pack.

Delivering 100 hypnotic Techno synth loops and melodies, Melodic Elements 02 – Deckard’s Dream was created with one of the most exclusive synthesizers on the market right now, the Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream.

Explore superb synth loops, from driving arp lines, complex melodic landscapes, and dreamy or dark lead melodies. Deploying the massive potential of the 8 voice polyphonic sound of the Deckard`s Dream synthesizer together with all-out analog post-processing for an even more unique and inspiring character of each loop.

Refined with iconic hardware such as Roland Space Echo RE-201, Moog MF-108 Cluster Flux, Sherman Filter Bank, Erica Synths Fusion Box, Electron Analog Heat and an army of Chase Bliss effect pedals – “Melodic Elements 02” delivers a unique collection of hypnotic bass and synth loops. A must-have for every melodic house and techno producer seeking for inspiration and unique character pieces for their upcoming tracks.

Deckard’s Dream is available to purchase for 24.95 EUR, with parts also sold separately starting from 10.05 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound