Renegade Audio’s latest sample pack brings the sounds of Bootsy & P-Funk, The O’Jays, Shaft’s orchestral stylings, JB Funk grooves, Stevie Wonder dirty clavinet, Gap Band & Tom Tom Club grooves along with classic early Hip-hop breaks.

The Retro Funk sample pack takes inspiration from the legends who created and pushed the envelope, bringing Funk to the higher ground each year.

This pack is full of funky drumming, heaps of percussion, lush analog synths, wah-wah guitar and bass lines, Phaser shifting electric keys and layered combos, all ready to drop into your music for that added pinch of hot sauce groove.

Also available is Dub to Jungle, a collection of nearly 1,000 dubby, junglist go-to hits.

Subtifuge of Totally Dubwise Recordings teams up with Canada based Renegade Audio to provide a one-stop-shop sample pack for all those looking to inject a Dubwise vibe into their productions, literally from Dub to Jungle, Dubstep, Grime, Breakbeat, 2step, Garage, Drum & Bass, or any sound looking for that additional tropical or Dubby edge, featuring a whole host of sounds from live Instrument samples to Drums, FX, Soundclash Samples & much more.

Retro Funk and Dub to Jungle are available at Loopmasters, priced £34.95 GBP and £29.95 GBP, respectively. Parts are also sold separately.

More information: Renegade Audio