Reverb has published a round-up of some of the best synths for any budget, a useful guide specifically geared towards first-time buyers. The list includes a wide range of analog, mono/poly, virtual analog, and digital synths at a few distinct price points.

We’ve made up the buyer’s guide below with these first-time buyers in mind. We’ve chosen the best synths at a variety of price points based on public opinion and our own personal experience.

We’ve based these prices on brand-new units, so buying used may save you a few bucks. Also, we’ve limited our choices to instruments with proper keys—some units also have desktop or module versions, which could be an option if you already have a MIDI keyboard or space is limited.

Check out the round-up page at Reverb to see which synths made the cut.

I recently got the MicroFreak from Arturia, which I can definitely recommend if you’re looking for a compact, versatile digital synth with a nice analog filter. What synth would you add to the list?