Atom Splitter Audio has developed a number of interesting VST plug-ins, including Distroyr and Pulsation Lite (both freeware).

One of Atom Splitter’s commercial products is G8-R, a tempo syncable gate effect plug-in for Windows PC.

A gate effect basically controls the volume of the audio. G8-R does this running by patterns in a 32-step sequencer.

Each step in the sequencer can be drawn manually to create the desired volume envelope. Simple? Yes!

G8-R has a few sequencer trigger modes: MIDI Key, GUI button and PC Key (useful for live performance I guess), Host and Freerun. Unfortunately, when stopping the transport in FL Studio, G8-R’s Host mode pauses rather than resetting its play position. This makes it run out of sync when restarting a pattern or playlist.

Is there more than gate?

Atom Splitter Audio G8-R

G8-R also has a built-in filter effect (12 modes) with cutoff, resonance and mix controls which can be modulated.

Available modulation sources are: SEQ (1 and 2), RND (1 and 2) and LFO (1-3). The LFO’s are powered by the sequencer and have 13 different settings.

Modulation is also available for the main volume, gain, dry/wet, valve and pan controls. You even use these effects separately by bypassing the sequencer/gate altogether.

Another cool feature is the randomize buttons which let you randomize parameters to create settings you might not dial up yourself.

So what do I think?

G8-R is a great effect plug-in if you’re looking for a flexible gate with some extras.

I know there are a few free gate effects around, but G8-R’s lovely filter and modulation system add great value. At $9.99 USD it’s not exactly an expensive plug-in either.

Visit Atom Splitter Audio for more information.