Big Fish Audio Bone Crushing Drums

Big Fish Audio’s Bone Crushing Drums is a collection of drum loops geared towards rock music genres.

The product page reads:

It’s time for some serious rockin’. This collection of ferocious and hard-hitting drum loops gives you the intensity of rock’s heavy side. Leave the lighter side for another day cause we’ve packed punk, garage, hard rock, and straight rock into this DVD. Each Genre contains 10 to 16 song sets giving you 50 total sets of loops to create full drum tracks with.

Bone Crushing Drums was produced by Bad Ass Music, and is available in DrumCore, Pro Tools/OMF and multi-format (Apple Loop/REX/RMX/WAV/Acid) editions.

I’ve tried the WAV and REX loops from the multi-format edition. The 836 individual loops (1.4GB 24-bit WAV) range in tempo from 76bpm to 280bpm, have room and dry versions and are sorted in 4 genres: Hard Rock, Punk, Garage and Rock.

These categories each have a dozen loop sets, including various intros, fills & endings, grooves (open & closed hihats, ride etc.) and more. Everything you need to create a full track. Most of these loops are also available as REX files, which is great for editing & cutting up these grooves.

So what do I think?

I recently programmed some rock drums, and although the result I got was OK, I wish I had Bone Crushing Drums when I was working on that track. Live played drums just sound so much better to me, plus they’re a huge time saver. No need trying to create that authentic feel and sound.

The loops have lots of variety (also within each genre) and the raw energy of these samples is infectious. I feel like making some noise!

More information: Big Fish Audio