Review disclaimer note

I regularly post reviews on To avoid having to write the same disclaimer for every single review I decided to dedicate a page to it.

I am not a professional reviewer/musician/sound designer/etc.

I make music in my spare time, using pretty basic tools. My reviews reflect this situation.
If I fail to cover something specific you would like to know about, just let me know with an email or leave a comment on the review and I will look into it.

Most reviewed products are NFR’s.

Many developers submit products to for review, so-called NFR (not for resale) items. I occasionally use demo versions to review a product as well.
Even though these NFR’s are provided at no cost, price is taken into consideration. Moreover, I will not tell you something is great if I think it is in fact not that great at all. I give my honest opinion.

My opinion is just that, an opinion.

I like my coffee black. You on the other hand might like some milk and sugar with your coffee (I know I used to…), or even prefer tea instead. Check products for yourself to see if you agree with my review, and please share with me and other readers what you think.