Goldbaby The FatJuno-6

The FatJuno-6 is the second sample library in which Goldbaby combines vintage synthesizer sounds with UBK Fatso processing.

The Juno-6 was the first in the Juno series of Synthesizers. Released in 1982 it has become a legend for its warm, full sound and lush analog chorus.

Initially this synth was going to be part of Fatso Synths Vol 2. However it became obvious early on that this synth, through the UBK Fatso, deserved its own product… I’m proud to present The FatJuno-6!

The FatJuno-6 includes 140 instrument patches in both Kontakt and EXS24 formats, each featuring the following categories: mono, poly, layered, raw, and single cycle oscillator. The Kontakt version (which I am using) also has some additional arp instruments and a few multis.

I’m not sure how different the instruments sound in each sampler, but I’m seeing many patches with identical names so I reckon those will be very similar to one another. Regardless, both formats make use of the same 1,630 24bit wav samples.

The FatJuno-6 Arp instrument Kontakt

The FatJuno-6 – Arp patch (with Poly Step script) in Kontakt

The Juno-6 is a six voice polyphonic synthesizer with digitally controlled analog oscillators — pulse, saw, and square + white noise and a square-wave subosc. With its analog filter and chorus this synth is capable of some incredibly fat poly-synth sounds (punchy bass sounds, warm lush pads).

This particular model does not have any patch memory or MIDI so sound patches needs to be (re)programmed every time you want to use them.

The FatJuno-6 samples folder shows that Goldbaby created close to 40 different patches for this sample library. These are all multi-sampled, except for the single cycle oscillator patches.

Before the sampled sounds were crafted into Kontakt/EXS24 instruments they were processed with the UBK Fatso. This is basically a tone-sweetening Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr. (features harmonic generation+soft clipper, high frequency saturation, transformer & tape head emulation, and classic knee compression), modified by KuSh Audio to feature three new presets.

The nice thing about using a sampler like Kontakt is that you can do a lot more than just map these Juno-6 samples across the keyboard. Effects, modulation and scripts are used, and various parameters (filter, LFO, pitch, etc.) are assigned to the modwheel and velocity making the sounds dynamic and expressive.

The 140 instrument patches included in The FatJuno-6 offer a wide range of sounds, including drum sounds and sound effects. In Kontakt’s instrument edit mode you can explore the patches to see what is going on and modify the sounds to your liking.

So what do I think?

Product: The FatJuno-6 by Goldbaby Productions
Format: Kontakt/EXS24 (24bit wav)
Price: $49 USD

Goldbaby’s work continues to impress me. The FatJuno-6 includes a wide range of sounds in 140 well designed patches. Apparently some of the instruments with sustain loops were hard to get right because of the chorus effect, but I think they came out great as well.

You can really tell that a lot of work went into making this library — High quality multi-samples, creative & expressive instruments, instant usability, and most of all… a huge fat sound.

If you are looking for the sound of the Juno-6 this is the sample library to get.

More information: Goldbaby Productions