Goldbaby Productions has recently released a new downloadable sample pack featuring another classic drum machine.

After the TR-808 and (free) TR-606 sample collections, a mint TR-909 machine was recorded for The Tape909.

The product page reads:

The Tape808 has been very well received so we decided to give the TR909 some tape love!…

This is 1446 samples taken from a mint 909 recorded into an Ampex 351 1/2″ valve 2 track tape machine!

That’s not all… We also put the 909 through other vintage gear. Plus we recorded it naked into a Metric Halo ULN-2 firewire audio card. Then we chose the best samples.

There is an amazing amount of high quality samples in this pack. So many, it may even look like there is too much to choose from.

I mean, the bassdrum folder has no less than 665 different bassdrum samples! Many of the samples are quite similar, but there are subtle differences. Just play those you suspect are the same consecutively, and you’ll find they sound a little different after all.

This is great if you don’t want every kick to sound exactly the same.

I tried the Battery version of The Tape909, which comes with 10 different 909 kits. As you can hear from the demo sounds, The Tape909 has quite a wide range of sounds.

Refill, Guru, iDrums and straight .wav versions of The Tape909 are available as well.

So what do I think?

Goldbaby delivers another outstanding sample pack.

The Tape909 includes tons of superb quality samples, with the Ampex tape machine delivering unique samples you will not find anywhere else.

This will most definitely be my go-to collection for 909 sounds.

Starting at just $19 USD for the sample pack, Goldbaby’s The Tape909 is not very expensive, so don’t waste your time looking for samples of this quality anywhere else.

More information: Goldbaby Productions / The Tape909