Goldbaby Productions is a relatively new name, but since their first sample library — released in June 2007, the Goldbaby product catalog has grown to 5 titles, and it has built quite a following already.

One does not have to look far to get some decent drum samples for free, so what’s so special about Goldbaby’s products?

The formula seems simple: quality content for a reasonable price.

The Tape 808

Goldbaby Productions The Tape 808

Let’s take a look at The Tape 808, a library of — you guessed it, samples from the ever popular Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine.

This library features 407 samples from two 808 machines, recorded into an Ampex 351 1/2″ valve 2 track tape machine. Can you spell vintage?

And vintage does not mean these samples are bad quality either… The wav files are all in 24-bit format.

I made a little drum loop with the Tape 808 samples, and compared them to some random 808 samples I found on my computer. Can you guess which one is which?

Goldbaby 01 | Goldbaby 02

The beauty of The Tape 808 is that the samples sound very clean, unlike many of the samples you’ll find online (which may have all sorts of processing done to them already). The tape compression and saturation samples also sound absolutely lovely.

Starting at just $19 USD for the .wav version of The Tape 808, this package is a must have if you’re looking for 808 sounds (unless you can get your hands on a real machine maybe). Refill, Guru, iDrum, and Battery versions are available for $24 USD.

MPC60 Vol.1 (TR) and MPC60 Vol.2 (Vinyl)

Goldbaby Productions MPC60 libraries
Akai’s MPC60 (released in 1988) is a drum machine developed in collaboration with Roger Linn. Like Linn’s earlier drum machines, the MPC60 combines MIDI sequencing and audio sampling. It became huge in the Hip hop and RnB scene, and still continues to be a popular vintage sampler today.

Although the MPC60 is a 16 bit machine, it stores samples in 12-bit format. Its sound is described as warm and punchy.

Goldbaby’s MPC libraries have been sampled with a MPC60II, which is similar to the MPC60 but adds a headphone output and replaces the metal chassis for a plastic one. The sound is identical.

MPC60 Vol.1 features 541 samples (24-bit) of Roland TR machines. The 808, 909, 606, 626, 33, 66, 77, 707, 727, and 505 are all there.

MPC60 Vol.2 takes samples from another sound source, much loved by Hip hop artists: Vinyl. MPC60 Vol.2 includes 466 samples of kicks, snares, hihats, cymbals, toms, percussion, and stabs & fx; all you need to create beats that sound just right.

The added value of the MPC60 libraries is obviously that the sounds were sampled on a MPC60 machine. If you think you already have all these TR sounds, and you don’t need any sampled vinyl hits, just have a listen on the MPC60 product page and see how you like the sound of Goldbaby’s samples.

Both MPC60 libraries are available as a .wav Sample Pack for $19 USD. For $24 USD each you can get the Refill, Guru, iDrum, and Battery versions, which include the same sample content, and additional drum kits and drum patterns in the software’s format.

Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby Productions Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks
Goldbaby’s Hugo has collected home keyboard from places like eBay, second hand stores, and garage sales for years. His collection includes the Casio SK-1, Casio VL-Tone, Farfisa Matador, and many more.

With Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks, you can have the sounds of this big collection of home keyboards at your fingertips.

VHKB includes 366 samples of drum sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s home keyboards. Some of these keyboards were recorded through their own speakers to give them a true lo-fi sound.

Have you ever heard the Amen break played with these vintage sounds? Check the VHKB page for some great audio demos.

Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks is available as a .wav Sample Pack (including 54 Rex files) for $10 USD, while a Guru version costs $15 USD. The Guru version also includes the Rex files, and has an additional 10 bundles, 12 kits, and 73 patterns.

So what do I think?

Goldbaby’s samples are simply great. Do you need them? Perhaps not, you might already have a lot of these kind of sounds… But if you care about quality, you should definitely check these products. The samples are outstanding, and… the price is right!

More information: Goldbaby Productions