The Vol.1 Landing Soundset by Lacuna Sound offers a collection of patches for the Spire synthesizer by Reveal Sound.

Vol.1 LANDING – 64 arps sequences and rhythmic presets
Suitable for EDM house trance progressive and electronica production

The Landing soundset focuses on rhythmic sounds. The patches make use of Spire’s arpeggiator and step sequencers, to provide melodic sequences and for modulating various parameters to create moving sounds.

Here’s a quick run through the patches. One note was pressed for each preset.

So what do I think?

Product: Vol.1 Landing Soundset
Format: Reveal Sound Spire soundbank
Price: $16 USD
Like: Nice movement in sounds
Don’t like: Sounds are a bit fx heavy
Verdict: 7/10

Vol.1 Landing is a bit of a hit and miss for me. I like quite a lot of the patches, but I’m actually not so crazy about arp/seq type sounds. So what I usually do is turn off the arp and see what’s left. In this case I did not find many sounds that stood out, and they are quite fx heavy.

Perhaps Lacuna Sound has rushed into the sequencing and animating aspect of the patches, where more attention could have been given to the base sound design. That said, the soundset does deliver some tasty sequences and the movement in the sounds is nicely done. If you like using arp sounds then this pack has plenty to offer.

A free demo pack with 8 patches is available to download, so check it out and see what you think.

More information: Lacuna Sound