Loop Cache’s latest offering of loops is “Abstract Percussion”, a collection of loops designed for layering with a basic kick and snare.

These kickless loops are ideal for dropping into a mix for some extra sparkle and percussive interest in an otherwise straight ahead sounding track or ableton live DJ set.

Abstract Percussion features

  • 262 loops in Wav in REX formats, 24 bit.
  • BPMs range from 120 to 127.

The loops are grouped in some 30+ categories. Titles such as BuzzBleeps and TinCanBeat are a good indication of the type of sound of these loops.

So what do I think?

Abstract Percussion is great for spicing up your basic beats, but you can also work the other way around. I was quite inspired by some of these loops when using them as a starting point.

Loop Cache’s Odd, obtuse and vicious percussive description fits these samples well, glitchy without getting too crazy.

If IDM is your thing you should definitely check out the free demo pack with some loops from Abstract Percussion. At $50 USD it’s not the cheapest pack of loops you’re going to find, but it may very well be worth your money if you’re looking for some quality glitchy loops with a unique sound.