Morevox Elektromorph 2

Morevox is well known for its impulse reverbs. Some of Sabino Cannone’s IRs are even featured in Digidesign’s TL Space.

Besides impulse reverbs, Morevox also offers some drum sample libraries. The recently released Elektromorph 2 is a library featuring loads of original drum sounds.

The product page reads:

Divided into Massive Path Sounds and Creative Path Sounds, Morevox ELEKTROMORPH 2 has been recorded with unique top quality signal paths to create individual sound coloring, then hyper-edited in both analog and digital domains.

The “Massive Path Sounds” are the more or less natural sounding recording, while the “Creative Path Sounds” have a more processed sound. Think deep, hard, punchy, fat and wide sounds. Dirty tube distortion, ultra compression, stuff like that.

Each path has 15 kicks, 20 snares, 3 tom racks and 3 sidesticks. Both paths include 36 cymbals each (hi-hat, crash, ride, splash etc.)

Elektromorph 2 comes in Drumagog, Drum Rehab and Battery 3 formats but since I don’t own any of these, I used the Battery kits in Kontakt 3.

Each path comes with 3 Battery kits. At first I was a little confused when I tried to play the kits, as the various drums were assigned in a way I had not seen before.

Each kit includes multiple kicks and snares which don’t necessarily go well together. I mean, I’m not likely to use the “Dist Kick, Giant Dirty Impact” and the “Electronic Room Kick” in the same track. They are, however, both mapped in the same drum kit.

I guess it’s a case of RTFM, since the manual clearly explains how the drums are mapped in each kit, but I still feel it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. I’m not sure if this type of kit layout is normal for Battery, but I would’ve preferred the various drum sounds were divided up into more kits.
Then again, maybe I’m just a bit lazy. If you’re using a different sampler you may very well want to construct your own kits anyway. The instruments’ filenames are very clear so this isn’t a big deal.

Each of the 118 instruments has velocity layers ranging from a 2 up to 12, and some instruments have multiple samples per layer, for a total of 820 24bit samples.

So what do I think?

This sound set is great for users who are looking to expand their drum library with something different. Elektromorph 2 has its own character, with each drum sound uniquely colored (especially the creative path). Elektromorph’s big drum sound is great for rock music genres.

However, if you’re new to music production and you’re looking to buy your first drum library I’d suggest you first check out EZdrummer, Addictive Drums or perhaps Battery.

Morevox is offering a generous free sample set called RoomerShots, which features 26 instruments including 4 kicks & snares. Before you spend $179 USD on Elektromorph 2, I recommend you check these samples and the Elektromorph mp3 demo tracks to get a good idea of the Morevox sound.

More information: Morevox / Elektromorph 2