One of my first KORE SoundPacks was Deep Transformations. It is still one of my favorites, so I was excited to see a new title with even more complex and cutting-edge effects chains: Deep Reconstructions.

Here’s the info from the product page:

DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS is the next installment in the KORE SOUNDPACK range, turning KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER into a powerful and innovative effects unit. Perfectly complementing DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS, this pack contains even more complex and cutting-edge effects chains. Based on KORE’s internal engines and exclusively created REAKTOR ensembles, DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS handles like a musical instrument and lets you tweak sounds in real-time and repeat, freeze and sequence your signal into ever-evolving poly-rhythms.

Deep Reconstructions features

  • 150 KoreSounds with a total of 1,200 distinct Sound Variations.
  • Intense and unconventional effects — morph able multi-effect sounds built using the REAKTOR, ABSYNTH and GUITAR RIG engines, enabling you to re-arrange beats and melodies on the fly via time-based multi FX.
  • Created by composer, producer and sound designer Denis Goekdag (Surround SFX).

Here’s a video to give an idea of the type of effects you can get with this SoundPack. I am using a simple CR-78 drum kit from the Retro Machine SoundPack, and a piano and pad from the Urban Arsenal 2 pack, as basic sound sources to show the effects.

In the video I’m just messing about a bit to give you a quick overview so you should also check the product page for more examples. Native Instruments has done a bunch of superb demo audio tracks. Check them on their recently updated website.

Deep Reconstructions is available for download from the NI online shop for $79 USD / 69 EUR.

So what do I think?

Love it, simply love it! Deep Reconstructions is exactly what I enjoyed so much in Deep Transformations, a way to instantly turn your sounds into something new. It is great for adding those little interesting details as well as completely transforming the source audio.

The diversity of effects is pretty good (distortion, pitch shifting, filter, reverb, delay, etc.) and you have a lot of hands-on control over the parameters so it is easy to play with effect variations on the spot.

Like Deep Transformations, Deep Reconstructions delivers another collection of unique effects for KORE.

More information: Native Instruments