Plughugger’s latest soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he is Classic House Chords, a big collection of stabs and chords.

Classic House Chords contains 150 stabs and chords – from the sound of old-school house and techno/rave, to modern EDM, progressive house and deep house. This soundset does it all and is an amazing toolbox for practically any genre – even dub and reggae!

This soundset uses every part of Diva – from the dark and booming tones from the Korg oscillators, to the classic Roland filter and envelopes to the sharp and aggressive sound of the digital oscillator.

I made a short demo with just 16 patches from the set. Check out the demo at the Plughugger website for more sounds.

So what do I think?

Within the Classic House Chords soundset you find a good amount of variety in tones and styles. From dark & deep to harsh & digital.

Plughugger has made good use of the various oscillator and filter combinations in Diva. You will have to do some work on finding the tuning on some of the patches, but that’s what I expect with chords/stab patches.

At just 14.90 EUR, Classic House Chords is a solid soundset at a great price.

More information: Plughugger / Classic House Chords