Sound designer Oliver Schmitt (aka Sounds Of Revolution) has kicked it up a notch with the third title in the Minimal Techno Revolution series of sample packs.

Distributed by Resonance Sound, Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.3 covers special organic sounds (e. g. live drums, live bass loops, field recordings) right next to all-time favorites such as true analog drums, SID samples (C64-style), loads of drum loops with/without kick and a variety of carefully processed vocals.

Missing something? How about kit loops for starters, dark and mystic atmospheres, hypnotic bass and synth loops, semisynthetic field recordings or never-heard fx sounds shaking the ground to its every bit?

The sample pack includes both one-shot sounds and loops, no less than 1,435 samples (24-bit) in total.

The one-shot sample folders features 51 kicks, 34 claps, 39 snares, 43 hi-hats, 25 crash & ride cymbals, 63 percussion, 42 click & grain sounds, 49 SID sounds, 112 vocal samples, 65 processed live recordings, and 122 fx sounds.

There’s a good variety in sounds, and although most of these are staple type sounds, they are very solid and you can hear Oliver’s attention to detail in the production. The last two (processed recordings & sound fx) have the most character and include some really well designed sounds, in particular some of the designed fx samples are brilliant.

On the loops front we have 63 bass & 35 live bass loops, 219 kick free loops, 281 kit loops, and 152 synth loops.

The bass loops are quite minimal and really well processed. They come with some variations, and a good amount of different bass sounds was used. The live bass recordings by Heiko Steinweg are also crafted into some lovely sounding loops. These have a great funky vibe and the creative processing here makes for some unique sounds.
The kick free loops are great for layering. This section is split up into four sections: hihats, mixed, percussion, and vocals. The kit loops include various parts of beats as individual loops, so many of these are basically also kick free loops. Again, a solid selection with plenty of variety in style and sound.
The synth loops section is probably my favorite of the pack. It includes some beautiful chord stabs, big pads, and other melodic gems. Dry versions are included for quite a few of the loops so you can apply your own fx chains.

All loops are 127 bpm, and key info is included in the file names where relevant.

Besides the synth loops, another favorite is – funnily enough – a bonus folder of atmosphere sounds. Big reverb stabs, filtered gritty sounds, futuristic machine noises, eerie atmos, reversed sounds, lovely strings… Love it!

You can listen to some of the sounds of this pack in the demos below.

So what do I think?

Product: Minimal Techno Revolution Vol 3 by SOR
Format: 24-bit Wav samples, REX/Kontakt/ESX24
Price: 47.99 EUR ex. VAT (individual parts also sold separately)
Like: Quality production, creative and well designed sounds
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

Oliver shared with me that he has worked long and hard on this pack, and I think it shows.

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol 3 includes a well-balanced, useful collection of loops and samples, and the overall quality of sounds is simply great.

I would say this pack goes way beyond Minimal Techno, with interesting material for producers in a much wider range of electronic styles.

In short, Oliver’s sound design and production skills make for a top notch sound pack that offers a lot of bang for the buck.

Resonance Sound is offering a free demo with 25 samples from the pack, so check it out for yourself.

More information: Resonance Sound / Minimal Techno Revolution Vol 3