WeatherM’s product catalog includes soundsets for synthesizers plugins like Sylenth1, Harmor, Massive, Serum, Hive, Zebra, and more.

Where many sound designers offer EDM sounds for these synths, WeatherM caters to a different genre. Ambient, soundscapes, textures, pads, atmospheres, drones… that’s the kind of thing you can expect from South Korean ambient artist and sound designer WeatherM.

In the same vein as the first Dreamer soundset, Dreamer 2 features a collection of 50 atmospheric pad sounds for u-he’s wireless modular Zebra 2 synthesizer.

Huge, detailed, epic, deep and ethereal sounds…
All sounds that can’t be easily defined or described…
From now on, they shall be defined as Dreamer.

The 50 patches are divided into two folders: Atmospheres & Soundscapes (29) and Pads & Drones (21).

The patches make good use of the XY pads for dynamic playing. They control things like the mix of soundscapes, tone and timbre, effects and dynamics.

Here’s a short video where I go through the patches. I am basically holding down single notes to show how dynamic these sounds are.

So what do I think?

What a lovely set of patches! WeatherM is clearly well versed in creating atmospheric sounds.

The patches are really well designed and there is still quite a lot of variety, considering the limited scope of the soundset. The XY performance pads use some great parameter assignments.

At just $12 USD I would say this soundset is well worth the money if you are looking atmospheric pad sounds.

More information: WeatherM / Dreamer 2