rf Music has announced the release of Comp87 MB, a multi-band compressor effect plug-in for Windows.

In MB version of Comp87, the input signal is divided into 3 bands (Low, Mid and High) and each band is being processed separately. At the end these bands come together as a single signal and go through the 4th compressor. In addition to compressor there are saturation and stereo separation controls.

Comp87 has a compress knob that automatically adjusts the threshold, input and gain to make it easier to get the desired result just by tweaking one knob. Other controls are also provided so the user can change them manually to suit their needs.

Two frequency separators, Low-Mid (LMF) and Mid-High (MHF), control the frequencies in which the signal is being split in 3. Each band has its own set of controls like ratio, compression, saturation, ON/OFF, Solo/Mute and etc.

Comp87 MB for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for $19 USD from the rf Music website.