Rhythm Electronics has announced that its Vintage Drum Machines is now available for Ableton Live.

Following the release of the collection for Roland’s TR-8S, the drum sounds from classic and digital drum machines are now available to users of Live.

The pack includes Racks created with the Sequential Circuits DrumTraks, Oberheim DX, LinnDrum, E-Mu SP-12 and Drumulator, Simmons SDSV, Roland CR 8000 and Roland 707, Elektron Rytm and Analog Four, Microtonic, Dave Smith Tempest, and AudioRealism Drum Machine.

All the Drum Racks have demo patterns to start banging beats right away. All the Drum Racks are based on samples meticulously recorded from mint state Drum Machines. All the Drum Racks were recorded with an ULN-2 audio interface and later processed with various outboard gear.

Vintage Drum Machines for Ableton Live is available for purchase for 25 EUR.

More information: Rhythm Electronics