Rhythmic Robot has announced it is offering its website visitors a chance to get a free copy of the Jacky sample library.

Rhythmic Robot Jacky

Rhythmic Robot Jacky for NI Kontakt.

This was supposed to be a combo transistor organ with onboard rhythms, but before we could sample the keyboard sounds it died on us. There was smoke and everything Shit! So… all we’ve got is the drum sounds, and rather than trash them we’re giving them away free in the form of a little Kontakt instrument Smile

They’re probably not going to set the world on fire, but they’re fun and have a retro transistor-combo-organ kind of charm to them. The rhythms are syncable and combinable, and there are a handful of round-robined drum hits to play with.

So if you feel the need for a bit of Foxtrott (sic) or Walzer in your life, head on over to

Kontakt instruments with character!

…and drop us a note from the Contact Us page with JACKY as its subject title, and we’ll bung you a download link. The instrument is Kontakt-based, and will work in Kontakt 4.2.3 and later.

More information: Rhythmic Robot