Rigid Audio has released version 0.98 of its Kontakt GUI Maker for Windows and Mac.

Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Maker

KONTAKT GUI Maker lets you design interfaces for your KONTAKT instruments with a breeze. You only have to drag and drop pictures onto the working area, and “KGM” will generate a KONTAKT-ready script file within seconds.

Changes in Kontakt GUI Maker v0.98

  • Added: main script: Added multisample mode option.(See project/resources/scripts/KGM_Script1.txt).
  • Fixed: item renaming bugs.
  • Fixed: min value now handling negative values.
  • Fixed: def value now handling negative values.
  • Fixed: max value now handling negative values.
  • Fixed: text value “….” (dot problem).
  • Fixed: menu generation: “Gradient: no” was still generating a gradient.
  • Fixed: menu library items not displaying filename.
  • Changed: library: image files with less than 7 frames will preview in a slow tempo.
  • Changed: custom PNG images for knobs not showing up: Kontakt doesn’t allow custom graphics for knobs.
  • Added: 100+ action script files.
  • Added: Kontakt 4.2.4 template instrument.

Kontakt GUI Maker is available for the pre-order price of $49.99 USD (regular $99.99 USD).

More information: Rigid Audio