Riot Audio has introduced a new Kontakt sample library featuring 40 ghostly violin and vocal textures inspired by contemporary horror film scores.

Based on long, evolving performances of aleatoric violins and vocals, Ghoul is a cinematic instrument inspired by the best of contemporary elevated horror.

GHOUL is a deceptively simple library that packs a punch when it comes to quickly producing sonic textures that lean towards the supernatural, spooky or terrifying.

It contains 13 aleatoric violin and vocal sound sources, each consisting of evolving performances of up to 8 minutes. A randomised sample start setting means there is effectively an unlimited number of round robins – no two repetitions of a key or multiple keys will sound the same!

GHOUL comes with 40 ready-made presets, ranging from short metallic pushes and uncanny percussion to long evolving screeching strings/vocal combinations and submerged ghostly moans.

Ghoul features

  • Custom sound design engine using state of the art Kontakt 6 capabilities.
  • Two layers of sound: The Nether (A), The Yonder (B).
  • Source sounds: 8 aleatoric violin sounds (scrapes, body/string taps, detuned cluster, irregular tremolo/col legno, tickles), 3 vocalisations (growl, whisper, moan) and two vocal like sounds derived from a large frame drum.
  • 156 possible sonic combinations.
  • 40 presets (snapshots) in total – 20 longs, 10 medium, 10 shorts.
  • Dual custom IR processing for morphing of sounds into unrecognisable territory.
  • Dynamics mapped to modwheel (CC1) for instant playability and expression.
  • Total size of sampled content: 2.68 GB (2.53GB compressed).
  • Classic Style delay, LP/HP Filters, Reverb and Mids Attenuation included.

Ghoul for the full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher is on sale for the intro price of £29 GBP for a limited time (regular £39 GBP).

More information: Riot Audio