RJ Studios has announced the release of its new audio plugin Pristine Peaks, an ultra-low distortion peak limiter for Windows and Mac.

Pristine Peaks uses a unique approach to peak limiting that does not employ saturation or clipping in its gain reduction process. The result is extremely low THD and no aliasing for applications where “clean” limiting is most desirable.

Pristine Peaks features

  • Less than 0.005% THD at any gain reduction amount (20Hz-20kHz, ISP on).
  • No aliasing.
  • Oversampling option for ISP detection.
  • 4 choices of Dither (16 and 24-bit).
  • Linear Phase input High Pass Filter.
  • Up to 10dB of limiter drive gain.
  • Peak hold meters that capture the max gain reduction.
  • Mono and stereo channel applications.

Priced $59.95 USD, Pristine Peaks available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats. A free 14-day trial demo is available to try to plugin.

More information: RJ Studios