RJ Studios has released the second generation of its multi-band dynamic stereo width maximizer plugin.

SideMinder ME2 (Mastering Edition) is a unique stereo enhancement plugin that dynamically maximizes the stereo width of a mix similar to the way a limiter maximizes the amplitude, all while preventing width “over-widening” that can cause phase cancellation when mixed to mono.

The update now includes an external sidechain input that allows new possibilities in mixing applications, including the ability to “fit a signal in the mix widthwise”.

Changes in SideMinder ME2

  • User-resizable GUI with automatic 2x scale for high DPI video monitors.
  • Numerical values of controls displayed on the GUI.
  • Double-click text entry of control values.
  • New “Relative” control link mode allows moving all controls in a group up/down while retaining their relative settings.
  • Optional stereo sidechain input that allows modulating the width of the stereo source in complementary response to the varying width of a stereo sidechain source – i.e., “fit it in the mix WIDTHWISE”.
  • Improved stereo width limiter algorithm – produces more transparent width control and a wider, more “3D-like”, stereo image.
  • Global and individual band Trim controls for level matching.
  • Static Width adjust “out” controls allow quick audition of the static width adjustment being applied without having to change width settings.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, priced $39.95 USD.

More information: RJ Studios