RNDigital D4

RNDigital has released D4, a dynamics processing tool for Windows and Mac.

Don’t get confused – this is not multi-band compression. D4 is an entirely different beast. Why always apply the same compression to all audio levels? Compress the louder levels with a quick attack; expand the lower levels with a slow release and leave the mid level sounds alone. Try it with a traditional compressor – you won’t get far. D4 lets you break your audio levels up into “zones” so you can control them exactly how you want. No one size fits all compression here.

D4 features

  • Up to 4 Zones
  • Visual Compression Settings
  • Look Ahead
  • Cloud Meters
  • Stereo and Mono
  • Key Input and Filters
  • Auto Output Gain
  • Built-in Limiter

D4 is currently available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $199.20 USD (regular price $249 USD).

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Visit RNDigital for more information.