Black Rooster Audio has announced the release of its new plate reverb RO-140, a plugin which was faithfully modeled after its hardware counterparts, while still remaining a Black Rooster Audio original plugin at its core.

The plate simulation approach allows users to authentically capture an analogue unit’s sound and feel as closely as possible while still including some unexpected twists.

Black Rooster Audio RO 140

This physically modelled plate reverb emulation plug-in offers six material options, as well as classic dampening and pre-delay controls, adding just the right amount of vintage flair to your productions. Perfect for drums, vocals, guitar and even sound design!

RO-140 features

  • Inspired by the EMT 140 and other classic hardware plate reverbs.
  • 6 physically accurate plate materials: gold, silver, steel, aluminum, bronze and titanium. While aluminum and steel are standard materials, the other four are notoriously rare due to their costly nature.
  • 3 plate modes: Mono, Stereo (with identical plates) and Mono2Stereo (with 2 different realtime auto-balanced plates).
  • Plate size control allows you to adjust the size of your chosen plate.
  • Split-mode pre-delay, for fine adjustments from 0 to 1ms.
  • Mix parameter, for direct signal insertion as an alternative for send/aux busses.
  • Classic 10-step dampening control for maximum customizability.
  • 3-band parametric EQ allows for detailed shaping of the reverb signal.
  • Adjustable gain staging at the in- and output stages.
  • SSE2 optimized code ensures a high-performance operation despite its very complex computations.

Available in VST, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, the plugin is sold for $69 USD at Black Rooster Audio.