Roazhon DSP has released version 0.87 beta of its BrainStormer virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Roazhon DSP BrainStormer

Changes in BrainStormer v0.87 beta

  • Added 8 new waveforms (4 Steps, 33 Square, Asym Square, Trapezoid, SmoothSaw1, SmoothSaw2, Rectified, Half Rectified).
  • Added matrix as modulable (now 84 destinations for modulators).
  • Changed filter ENV amount to bipolar.
  • Fixed slow GUI drawing and CPU spikes when knobs are moving or automated.
  • Fixed noise/glitch at the start.
  • Added double click on knob to set default value.
  • Added mouse wheel control on knobs for fine tuning.
  • Set linear knob mode by default (host mode can still overwrite it).
  • Changed linear mode knob sensitivity to have a finer scale.
  • Changed precise linear mode knob sensitivity to have a finer scale (SHIFT + left click).
  • Added instant circular relative knob mode (ALT + left click).
  • Fixed OSC fine tune displayed value.
  • Reordered filter GUI section in a logical way.
  • Fixed dll loading issue on some old hosts (main entry point missing).
  • Patches from v0.86 versions remain compatible.

BrainStormer is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

More information: Roazhon DSP