Rob Papen has announced the release of the new Blade 2 virtual synth instrument, expanding its features to make it a dream synthesizer for synth lovers who like to think out of the box and love to experiment.

Next to the Harmolator mode, Rob Papen has now included an Additive mode which allows you to morph or mix between 4 additive waveforms using the XY pad. Of course, in addition to using these additive waves, you can also create and edit your own! Another new addition is a dedicated wave-analyze section that allows analyzing of sample data into a waveform, which then again can be used in the Harmolator or Additive section.

To expand the sound options, even more, BLADE-2 also includes an additional analogue-type oscillator plus a noise oscillator. However, it doesn’t stop there, because it now has 32 different Filter types to help shape your sound further!

The Arpeggiator section inside BLADE-2 has also received a huge update with some very cool new features.

There are now two additional rows for controlling the X and Y position of the XY pad. Also new is the ‘ratcheting’ feature including different ratcheting modes.

Last but not least, BLADE-2 has 3 Multi-FX processors with the high-quality top-notch – Rob Papen – FX.

Blade 2 is available from Rob Papen and distributor Plugin Boutique, priced 99 EUR / $99 USD. Owners of Blade can upgrade for 39 EUR / $39 USD.

Blade 2 has also been added to the eXplorer-6 bundle and SoundDesign-X bundle at no cost.